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Below are professional projects I have done. They consist of Flash/HTML5/VPaid interactive pre-roll ads. You will need to view this page on a desktop computer in order to preview the units. They will not work on mobile at this time.

Thank you!

Flash Interactive Pre-roll Ads

Please be sure Flash is installed on your computer prior to viewing ads.

Fluffy Breaks Even

(Full Screen Expandable)
Fluffy Breaks Even Image

FEATURES: Add to calendar, Social media buttons

Big Freedia

(Full Screen Expandable)
Big Freedia Image

FEATURES: Social media buttons


(Full Screen Expandable)
Rectify Image

FEATURES: Multiple videos, Social media buttons

Growing Up Hip Hop

(Branded Slate)
WeTv Growing Up Hip Hop Image

FEATURES: Interactive Emojis and Tune in Messaging

Apothic Wines

(Branded Slate)
Apothic Wines Image

FEATURES: Social Sharing

CMT Music Awards

(Branded Slate)
CMT Music Awards Image

FEATURES: Add to your calendar, Social buttons

HTML5 VPAID Interactive Pre-roll Ads

Do not use the Safari browser to preview these units. On the google test page click "Test Ad" to view it.

Origin Energy

Origin Energy Image

FEATURES: Click Through

NBC Midnight, Texas

Midnight Texas Image

FEATURES: Animated overlay, Click through

Morton Salt

(Branded Slate)
Morton Salt Image

FEATURES: Click Thru, Carousel

Organic Valley

(Ad Extender)
Organic Valley Image

FEATURES: Click through, Countdown

3m Command

(Branded Slate)
3m Command Image

FEATURES: Click through

Little Bites

(Branded Slate)
Little Bites Image

FEATURES: Click through, Carousel, Social Buttons